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Gary J. Wachtel, Esq.

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Gary J. Wachtel, Esq.
450 Seventh Avenue
Suite 1905
New York, NY 10123-1990
Phone: 212-371-6500
Fax: 212-371-7722
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The law firm of Gary J. Wachtel, Esq. practices in the areas of landlord/tenant litigation, commercial landlord holdover & nonpayment proceedings, Commercial Yellowstone Injunctions, residential landlord rights, real estate litigation, injunctive relief & declaratory judgment actions, residential real estate transactions, and commercial real estate transactions, business litigation, business transactions, real estate brokerage commissions, and consumer protection/bankruptcy. Throughout the greater New York City metropolitan area. Mr. Wachtel’s professional philosophy is that ability, experience, service, and direct accountability are the primary components of effective legal representation. His accomplishments and renowned success are due to this strict adherence to providing first rate, specialized services that are custom tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. To read more about his practice, see his Success Stories and decide yourself if he is the attorney for your matter.

If you need the services of a highly capable litigation attorney, read more about Mr. Wachtel below, and then contact him now or call him today - 212-371-6500.

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Gary J. Wachtel

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