3 Examples of Landlord Harassment and How to Deal With Them

As a renter, it’s always a good idea to try to respect the rules and wishes of your landlord in order to maintain a good relationship with them. However, there are certain situations in which a landlord participates in behavior that is meant to make their tenants uncomfortable. Their goal in most cases is to encourage their tenant to break their lease or leave the rental property. Landlord harassment is a real possibility, regardless of where you live, and it should not be tolerated. If you think you are the victim of landlord harassment, reach out to a real estate lawyer in NYC as soon as you can. We are going to help you identify some examples of landlord harassment and how to deal with them below.


  1. Avoiding Maintenance Tasks

It’s always a good idea to read over a lease before you sign it. One of the most common ways that landlords can harass their tenants is when they avoid handling maintenance tasks on purpose. If there are repairs needed in your rental property, your landlord should be handling them in a timely manner. Make sure you go over your lease to determine what the guidelines are for maintenance tasks and remember that a New York real estate attorney can always help you go through your rental contract in detail.


  1. Threats

Sometimes, a landlord will harass their tenants with threats. These can be financial threats like saying that they will report a tenant to a credit bureau or physical threats like intimidation. Whatever the case is for you, if you feel as though your landlord is threatening you, it’s important to take action. Reach out to a real estate lawyer in NYC for legal advice on how to deal with threats from your landlord.


  1. Entering Property Without Notice

Most tenants aren’t very happy when a landlord enters their rental property without proper notice. It’s an unpleasant surprise, but there are certain scenarios that require them to enter. On the other hand, it can become a form of landlord harassment if it occurs regularly or without just cause. If you find that your landlord seems to be entering your property without proper notice, you might be able to take legal action. Connect with a New York real estate attorney to determine the best course of action if this situation is happening to you.

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