4 of the Most Important Tenant Rights

If you are renting real estate, it’s absolutely crucial to understand what rights you have as a tenant. Without this knowledge, your landlord can potentially take advantage of you or your business. It’s fair to say that many renters aren’t aware of their rights as tenants. This can be a costly mistake you will have to deal with for the duration of your lease. Hiring an expert in landlord-tenant law in NYC like Gary J. Wachtel is one way to make sure you are well aware of the most important tenant rights.  Let’s take a look at 4 of the most important tenant rights below.

  1. Equal Security Deposits for All Tenants

When you are renting property, it’s common for the landlord to request a security deposit in the event of damages to the property during your time inhabiting it. It’s totally normal to pay a security deposit in order to reserve your property. Pets are an example of something that can increase your security deposit. If the landlord wants to keep some of your security deposit, you are entitled to receive written documentation explaining why. If you have any questions about security deposits, contact Gary J. Wachtel today, the premiere New York real estate attorney.

  1. Discrimination Rights

If you are applying to rent real estate, one of your rights as a tenant is that you can’t be rejected based on religion, race, sex, national origin, family status, or mental and physical disabilities based on the federal Fair Housing Act. You can be rejected based on your credit score but your landlord has to tell you if that is indeed the case. If you feel like you might have been discriminated against during a real estate transaction, talking to an expert in landlord-tenant law in NYC can be a great decision.

  1. Habitable Residence

If you are a renter, one of the most important tenant rights you have is the right to a habitable residence. The home or space should be safe to reside in at all times. If not, your landlord is responsible for making it safe via repairs.

  1. Protection from Unlawful Eviction

Eviction is when your landlord effectively removes you from your property. There are only a few scenarios that actually warrant an eviction, and as a tenant, you are protected from unlawful evictions. Being late for a payment is a lawful reason to support the process of eviction. It’s very important to understand what is lawful and what is unlawful when it comes to eviction notices. If you would like professional help in dealing with unlawful evictions, a New York real estate attorney like Gary J. Wachtel is the answer.

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