About the Role of a Commercial Real Estate Attorney

A commercial real estate attorney NYC is responsible for handling all sorts of real estate transactions in the commercial field. For example, commercial real estate attorneys have as their primary client’s real estate developers, different business owners, lenders, property owners, and so on. Commercial real estate attorneys handle some of the main types of cases: contract disputes, negotiations, property litigation, zoning issues, etc.

A commercial real estate attorney typically works at a corporation or a real estate firm. Quite often, real estate developers hire attorneys as general counsellors for their businesses. Commercial real estate attorneys are involved in buying/selling properties, communicating with investors, reviewing financial documents, filling out paperwork for different partnerships, or taking care of records for tax purposes. Some attorneys focus mainly on working with contractors on a variety of projects. In such cases, the commercial real estate attorney NYC is responsible for negotiating leases for office buildings, shopping centres, and other commercial property types.

One of the most critical roles of the attorney is to provide his clients with the right advice regarding property transactions. For example, a client may hire an attorney to check whether a given piece of land or commercial property is suitable for investment or development. The attorney will then review all related paperwork and present the main highlights to his client, who will then decide based on the facts presented by the attorney.

A title opinion also falls under the primary responsibilities of a commercial real estate attorney. Before purchasing any property, land, or building the client needs to ensure that the individual property has a clear title. Therefore, the attorney will invest quality time and effort into the title search, check for liens, and then file the necessary paperwork with an insurance company. Some attorneys focus mainly on foreclosures and mortgages relating to commercial property. When making important decisions in this business, it is essential to have a knowledgeable and experienced commercial real estate attorney.

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