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Services Offered by Real Estate Lawyers

A New York real estate lawyer specializes in different issues relating to a property, such as buying and selling homes, management, ownership, title issues, disputes, and others. When taking part in a transaction, the lawyer also ensures that the client understands everything outlined in that agreement well and that the papers are drafted correctly. Real […]

Property Attorney Job Tasks and Responsibilities

You should first learn about a property attorney’s main tasks and responsibilities if you are searching for a property attorney near me online. You may need help with better understanding the terms of a lease, or you need some help negotiating a property sale. So, can an attorney assist you with these tasks? Yes. However, […]

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What is the Role of a Commercial Real Estate Attorney?

A commercial real estate attorney nyc typically handles all sorts of transactions in commercial real estate. Property owners, commercial real estate developers, or lenders generally need the services of a commercial real estate attorney nyc. Attorneys can help with zoning problems, commercial contract disputes, or property litigation. Quite often, real estate developers hire an attorney […]

Real State Litigation

About Real Estate Litigation

New York real estate litigation refers to any dispute arising out of real estate property or a particular interest in the respective property. For example, real estate litigation can refer to a dispute arising during the purchase phase of a property or a dispute arising from the property’s ownership rights. The parties involved in the […]

The Role of a Tenant Buyout Attorney

A “tenant surrender of possession agreement”- or a tenant buyout, is a legal agreement where the tenant agrees to vacate the given premises in exchange for an agreed amount of money. In this case, the tenant will agree to leave the respective property of his own accord. The landlord pays the agreed amount of money […]

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What is a Sale and Purchase Agreement

A SPA- or Sale &Purchase Agreement is a legally binding document between two parties. This document obliges the parties involved to close a particular transaction. Typically, SPAs are contracts that are closed between the buyer and the seller of a real estate property. Your new york real estate lawyer will carefully analyze the document before […]

What is a Tenant Buyout?

A tenant buyout – also known as a “tenant surrender of possession agreement”- is a legal term and form of agreement in which the tenant will agree to vacate the premises in exchange for a “buyout” or “cash”.             The tenant will agree to leave the rental place on their own accord, while the landlord […]