Lawyer Referrals

Why do other lawyers refer their clients to Gary J. Wachtel?

Other lawyers and law firms often pay us the ultimate compliment ofretaining our services for their clients. Our best source of referrals of new clients is other lawyers. The need for a lawyer to refer a matter to us can arise for a number of reasons, including jurisdictional, geographical and admission limitations, a matter being too small for large firm billings, a conflict of interest or being presented with a matter outside the lawyer’s expertise. Gary J. Wachtel is also a member of the Florida Bar and frequently accepts referrals from Florida attorneys.

Our relationships with mid-size and large firms are collaborative. Most firms refer matters to ours because we concentrate in real estate litigation and landlord and tenant litigation, a boutique specialty. The comfort level is there for the referring firms, because, they have confidence that their clients will benefit from top drawer service, and more importantly, it is understood that the referring firm will retain its clients for other matters. This is a win-win for the referring law firm and our firm, as well as the client. We can consistently provide exceptional legal services for the clients referred to us. Clients are referred from their attorneys who have come to realize that our firm delivers exceptional real estate litigation and landlord and tenant litigation services. Our firm stands out from the competition because we are committed to providing the best representation possible at a fair cost.

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