Business Litigation

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New York City Business Litigation Lawyer

In his commercial litigation practice, Gary J. Wachtel represents borrowers and lenders, vendors and vendees, collection agencies, distributors, corporations and other business entities in all types of business-related conflicts.

Mr. Wachtel’s firm serves clients throughout the New York City area, including the five boroughs and Long Island.

Breach of Contract

Gary J. Wachtel handles many breach of contract cases, representing any of the parties named above in disputes involving tenancy, delivery of goods or services, bad faith negotiations or any other matter relating to transactions and contract law.

Injunctive Relief

If a court order is required to prevent a party from doing something objectionable now or in the future or, to compel a party to take affirmative action to do something, Mr. Wachtel will petition the court on an expedited basis. Yellowstone injunctions are just one of many kinds of injunctive relief that Mr. Wachtel has repeatedly sought for his clients.


Replevin requires that wrongfully held property by one party be returned to another party while the case is still awaiting trial on damages. Mr. Wachtel skillfully uses this legal tactic to obtain a court order requiring the return of the property, which if successful may result in settlement instead of expensive and lengthy litigation.

Lien Foreclosure and Enforcement

The law firm represents either party in actions to enforce liens and/or foreclose on a property for non-payment. This includes contractors in mechanics lien actions, as well as homeowners and mortgage lien holders.


A civil action for damages based upon fraud may be brought if a party reasonably relied upon the false representation of another, made with the intent to defraud. Gary J. Wachtel, Esq. vigorously pursues claims of fraudulent practices.

Enforcement, Collections and Appeals

When a party is indebted to another or has already been found liable for damages but refuses to pay the judgment, Mr. Wachtel will aggressively pursue compensation through collections actions or other judgment enforcement litigation. Conversely, he represents companies or individuals who are disputing the judgment. The law office of Gary J. Wachtel also represents clients in appeals of any business litigation matters.

Whether you have experienced a vendor’s failure to deliver goods, a breach of contract, an employment dispute, or other business matter requiring litigation, contact business litigation lawyer Gary J. Wachtel, Esq. to represent your interests.

Mr. Wachtel prosecutes and defends claims with the speed, efficiency, and personalized attention you need to keep your ongoing business operations productive with minimal distraction from a pending lawsuit. You can judge for yourself his ability and talent by reading some of his practice’s Success Stories.

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