Consumer Protection Attorney

Consumer Protection from Creditor Claims

Many consumers confront the ordeal of creditors demanding payment for sums that may or may not be rightly owed to them. You may be experiencing harassing phone calls, letters and demands from creditors such as your phone company, home contractor, health insurance or car insurance provider, credit card company, bank, or other vendor insisting on immediate payment. Perhaps you have fallen prey to identity theft, financial fraud, or other fraudulent purchases for which you are unjustly being held accountable.

In his consumer protection practice, Attorney Gary J. Wachtel provides defense services for clients facing foreclosure, credit card debt actions, collection agencies, and unfair debt collection practices. His law office has the experience and know-how to directly confront these creditors on your behalf and defend you against the allegations that you owe any or all of the money demanded. Additionally, he can help you save your property and hard-earned resources from being liquidated to settle your debts during a Chapter 7 consumer bankruptcy proceeding, and can help you reach a more practical and fair resolution with your creditors.

Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer

Mr. Wachtel also can guide you through either Chapter 7 (Individual Bankruptcy) or Chapter 13 (Wage Earners Plan) bankruptcy. In this practice, he helps consumers like you to keep their hard-earned assets while discharging their debts, eliminate aggressive collection practices and creditor harassment, stop garnishment of wages, cancel judgment enforcement, avoid foreclosure and keep you home. Overwhelming debt and unexpected expenses are common misfortunes that many consumers face at some point. Gary J. Wachtel, Esq. can advice you on the best form of bankruptcy debt relief for you and help you safeguard your important assets from liquidation.

Debt Collection

In conjunction with his consumer protection practice, Mr. Wachtel also represents creditors and others in the collection of their sums in arrears. When a debtor refuses to pay money owed to you under a contract, judgment, or other existing financial obligation, litigation may be necessary to protect your vital interests in collecting these sums due. However, your ongoing business productivity largely relies on a speedy and affordable resolution of your collection matters. Mr. Wachtel’s law office is equipped with state of the art technology that can expedite the collections process. Additionally, we are experienced at accelerating collections claims in litigation, all while keeping you fully informed of your alternatives and progress at every step your case. Whether you chose to litigate your claim or reach a settlement through negotiation or mediation, the law firm of Gary J. Wachtel, Esq. has the ability to quickly advance your claim and collect the money that is rightly owed to you.

Corporate Bankruptcy Attorney

Gary J. Wachtel also practices Chapter 11 corporate bankruptcy for businesses of all sizes. In Chapter 11 (a.k.a., Reorganization Bankruptcy), the business debtor must file both a written disclosure statement and a plan of reorganization with the bankruptcy court. The disclosure statement lists all pertinent information regarding business assets, liabilities, and other business affairs sufficient enough for a creditor to make an informed decision about the debtor’s plan of reorganization. From this point, all claims will be automatically stayed, allowing for the business to proceed with bankruptcy and deal with creditor claims later in the proceeding. Mr. Wachtel has handled numerous corporate Chapter 11 bankruptcies and can skillfully guide any sized business through this process.

If you need legal advice on unfair debt collection or on how to retrieve sums in arrears, then contact the NYC law offices of Gary J. Wachtel, Esq. now or call today, and let him take control of this matter for you – 212-371-6500.