Testimonial: What Past Clients Say

Grant Greenspan, Kaufman Organization

Arthur Spitalnick, Kaufman Organization

August 24, 2005

Gay J. Wachtel, Esq.
14 East 60th Street
New York, NY 10022

Re: Pierce Avenue, Bronx, NY

Dear Gary:

Finally, the house is now ours to pay for for the next 30 years! I believe this was something almost certainly unattainable had you not taken the case and represented us.

I went to at least four lawyers seeking representation but because of the complicity & repercussions of the case, they decided they did not want to be involved. Being that we were less than 48 hours from being certainly evicted from the house that we have lived in for over 13 years, I was relieved that you told me to come in after describing the case to you over the phone.

When I first came into your office and you asked me how I was, I told you I was scared & anxious. I will never forget how you said you will take away those feelings and protect me the best way you can, if I listen to you. You may not know it, but I almost cried when I heard those words! It just seemed there was no one to turn to, then all of a sudden here was an answer to all my prayers. That was July 14th.

Through the course of the negotiations with the seller & their lawyer, there remained a sense of peace and feeling that everything will be alright because you had a way of keeping me notified of what was happening, yet, not giving me too much information I did not need that would only cause me to worry. Looking back, this style/method of yours truly protected me from a lot of angst & grief. Thank You!

Then, on August 12, you delivered the good news that the seller has agreed to sell instead of evicting us. How you did that, I dont know (but if I were the seller, I would just not sell if only to spite the tenants because of the almost 9 years of holding off eviction proceedings). This was the end goal. Yet, at the closing on August 19th, Noel & I heard you tell the sellers attorney, Do not exhibit this at the closing. I immediately knew that you were protecting what we have disclosed to you as a client regarding the intricacies of the case. Truly, I consider this a very professional and personal touch. Professional because of the client-lawyer disclosure relationship; personal because things in the past that would make us feel uncomfortable were not revealed.

This brings to a wonderful close the saga of the foreclosure proceedings started in 1996, of the house we have lived in since 1993.

There is no way I can describe how extremely satisfied I am with the way you handled this matter. In a heartbeat, I would recommend you to anyone in a life & death situation. I believe you will give them the same professional help as well as human courtesy that you have extended to me & Noel.

Gary, thank you!


Camilla M. Relucio