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Kathleen and I want to thank you for your relentless work and effort on our behalf. We’ve received your check for the latest recovery; a testament to your talent as an attorney. Please keep up the good work.



Your recommendation of Gary Wachtel to help me write a 3 day notice was worth gold.
The tenants put up a strong fight with all kinds of counterclaims. Gary got me summary judgement at the first round and the tenants evicted which will help my sale of the retail to owner/users or investors that don’t want to buy into a headache. I also refinanced and increased my loan with Gary, closed today and all went smooth. So, thanks a lot. This was really helpful.


I remember when I first met Gary Wachtel. I was with my son in around 2005. When we left his office I told my son, “this is our guy”. Since then Gary has handled many cases for our entire family. His amazing comprehension of complex issues and his smarts are just amazing. His straight forward approach, his knowledge of the law and his frankness is what separates him from others. We have lived through many cases together and I must say that I am very happy on how he handled all of them. Some we settled but most we won. I highly recommend Mr. Wachtel for any matter or challenge you may face. You are getting the best mind and representation out there.

Jay Adoni

I simply wanted to take a moment and thank you on behalf of my sister
and I! We’re very thankful of your services provided to us, helping us move on from what could of been a disaster! ????

Thank you again,

Arami & Chloé

Gary is an extraordinary lawyer who achieved a terrific result in a case for me and my family, while providing real value for time and services he provides and fees he charges. I was facing eviction, and he immediately got that stopped. He answered the landlord’s petition extremely clearly, quickly and accurately. Gary is well known by the Judges and other attorneys in the field, and the threat of having to litigate with Gary is very credible, and allows one to obtain real concessions in negotiations. Working as a team with me, Gary was able to restore tenancy, spread my payments in a way I could afford, and obtain a long-term, multi-year lease. Most importantly, Gary is completely honest in his time charges and billings – he works very quickly and efficiently, and provides an accurate bill that reflects real value delivered for his services. I strongly recommend working with Gary. The result has been a stable residency for me and my family and tremendous peace of mind.



Thank you so much!!

You’re a lifesaver.
I’ve told other tenants at 100 John Street via Facebook that I’m happy to
refer them to a trustworthy lawyer, which is you, of course. I think it’s
important that tenants pool their knowledge.
It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for your help.

All my best,


Dear Gary,

Thank you for excellent work defending me and maintaining my rights to my NYC apartment.

I found you through your excellent website.
I met you at your office and I am impressed with you and your facility!
Your Professionalism, forceful and thorough knowledge and experience are evident.

My landlord tried to bully me and push me out of my home of over fifty years.
The facts they alleged were false, and they serve me right before the Thanksgiving Holiday to be in court the next week, the day before vacation!
I e-mailed you and talked with you the next day.
You made time to meet with me, you told me what you needed and what I should expect.

It is a great relief to be secure in my home once again. Thank you!

You should be very proud to be able to stand up and defend the rights of honest citizens.
I give you my highest recommendations.

Thank you, again.
Very Truly Yours,

Fred Baron

Dear Gary,

I was very glad to find you on the website when I was in the middle of trouble. Retaining you was the only major decision I needed to make for the entire case.

I was an overcharged tenant in a rent control apartment and was about to be evicted by a prime leaser and his attorney.

Before contacting you, I had contacted couple of lawyers they all said different things or one real estate lawyer said I could do nothing, just pack my belongings and move out! However, you immediately took my case and protected my right. As a result I recovered 4 years of overpaid rent.

I found communication with you is very concise and business-like.

I always felt you were very clear and RELIABLE, and I did not get any confusion – given the fact, I am a foreigner and unfamiliar with US law and system. You directed me what to do and what not to do during and supported me legally and mentally.

Within very short period of time, I won all the overcharged rent back.

Thank you very much!!!


Dear Gary:

Finally, the house is now ours to pay for for the next 30 years! I believe this was something almost certainly unattainable had you not taken the case and represented us.

I went to at least four lawyers seeking representation but because of the complicity & repercussions of the case, they decided they did not want to be involved. Being that we were less than 48 hours from being certainly evicted from the house that we have lived in for over 13 years, I was relieved that you told me to come in after describing the case to you over the phone.

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Dear Gary,

I am not one usually given to sitting down and writing a letter, however the last closing and events leading up to it motivated me to do so.

As the Director of Fine Homes and Estates for MLBKaye International Realty and a top residential broker for over 20 years I have transacted hundreds of sales. Not only are most attorneys lacking in true expertise, so many of them have adversarial personalities to deal with.

I have now had the distinct pleasure of transacting many sales with you representing either my sellers or buyers. I am always confident that my clients best interests are being protected and that the sale will occur on their terms. I also know (especially evidenced in our last transaction) that no matter what difficulties may arise you can resolve the worst of them.

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Dear Gary:

We just wanted to thank you again for your excellent representation of our interests in the recent real estate-related dispute we encountered. You achieved a great result for us. More important, you resolved a matter that involved sensitive personal and reputational issues in a manner that achieved excellent results on those accounts as well. Weve come across a lot of lawyers over the years; its rare to find one with the combination of substantive legal knowledge, advocacy skills and professionalism you displayed while working with us. Thanks again for your help.

Very truly yours,

Eric L. Press, Rhonda A. Press

If relentless persistence, matched with professionalism and a full understanding of the law along with a sincere passion and desire to represent his clients successfully are important qualities to any litigation (which they always are) then Mr. Wachtel is your man. Mr. Wachtel, thank you for all your efforts toward resolving my Landlord tenant action. Its been two long years and you have full understanding of all prior proceedings and continue to respond with promptness and vigor. I can now be more confident as a Landlord and its a relief knowing that you are handling the legal end of my real estate business.

James Mayfield, Jr.

For over twenty years, Gary Wachtel has been my legal counsel. Whether the issue was personal or professional, Gary always provided sound information and guidance, and always in a timely manner. Having someone you can trust as advisor and counsel is always desirable, but too rarely experienced. Fortunately, I’ve had Gary Wachtel at my side when the need for sound legal counsel arose, and I have never been disappointed.


Richard A. Perea,
ChFC Principal, Wealth Management Associates, LLC
Tampa, FL

Dear Gary,

You rock and you have lived up to your reputation in my eyes. I can’t thank you enough for making this go so smoothly and being such a wonderful trusted advisor and thorough coach. I received my discharge papers on Saturday and I couldn’t be happier.

Emily H.

To Whom It May Concern,

Gary Wachtel represented me in a case that had very small odds of success. My expectations, as the defendant, were very low. You can imagine my surprise, after one and a half years, when we won the case. Gary is sharp, fast and thorough. He is a very good litigator and one of the best negotiators Ive ever met. I will definitely use him in the future and would recommend him to any of my family members and friends.


Meira Sitton

U R awesome.please send me the bill for your time (WELL worth it) when all is said and done to the above address.

Thanks so much, Gary!!!

Stephanie Regan

Over the past 15 years, Gary J. Wachtel, Esquire has provided our company with the most strategic legal advice we could ever have hoped for. His analysis of issues and summation of our various legal concerns put us on the right track to conflict resolution and provided favorable outcomes both in pre-trial settlements and at trial. Further, his moral character and knowledge of various legal areas has helped us save money, making our engagements through retainer and otherwise cost effective in the long run.

Maurice C. Wilde, President Lions Gate Capital Corporation

I have been in the NY commercial real estate industry for past 8 years. During my career I have represented multiple tenants in regards to their office space requirements as well as acting as a property manager for several office buildings. During these years I was always able to count on Gary Wachtel for his advice and support. His level of professionalism, responsibility and courtesy is second to none and I willalways be proud to put my name behind him and his work.

Michael Kaufman, Managing Director
Kaufman Organization

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