What is the Role of a Commercial Real Estate Attorney?

A commercial real estate attorney nyc typically handles all sorts of transactions in commercial real estate. Property owners, commercial real estate developers, or lenders generally need the services of a commercial real estate attorney nyc. Attorneys can help with zoning problems, commercial contract disputes, or property litigation. Quite often, real estate developers hire an attorney to carry out transactions in their name- such as buying and selling different properties. He will communicate directly with different investors or be responsible for reviewing crucial financial documentation. This is when the attorney works as a general counsel for the commercial real estate developer.

The attorneys may also have other responsibilities when hired as general counsel.

For example, they may have to fill out paperwork for partnerships, tax-related documents, etc. Commercial real estate attorneys also focus mainly on ongoing projects with their clients. In such cases, the attorney is primarily responsible for the lease negotiation process for an office building or a shopping center, for example. In addition, he may have to analyze deeds and ensure these titles are filled correctly and carefully.

One of the essential duties of a commercial real estate attorney is to offer professional advice to his client regarding transactions. For example, a developer may need to determine whether an individual piece of land is suitable for the type of development he has in mind. Then, the attorney will conduct the necessary research and offer his client all sorts of legal information. There may be outstanding taxes on that land, or maybe that piece of land needs to be concordant with the current building laws, etc. The attorney will inform his client, and together they will decide whether it is safe or not to invest in the respective land.

Title opinions also represent another task for the commercial real estate attorney. The attorney must research well and see if the respective building or land has a “clear title.”

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