Residential Landlord Rights

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New York City Lawyer for Residential Landlord Lawsuits

Attorney Gary Wachtel provides comprehensive litigation services to protect the rights of residential landlords and residential real estate management companies in New York. Apartments may contain rent-controlled tenants, rent-stabilized tenants, or free-market rent tenants; and each type of tenant has certain rights and privileges. New York residential landlords and residential management companies need a strong advocate to protect their rights and maximize their investment in their buildings.

Residential Summary Holdover Proceedings and Summary Nonpayment Proceedings

Mr. Wachtel helps protect the rights of New York landlords by pursuing:

  • Tenants who are illegally subletting their apartment
  • Tenants who are not paying their rent
  • Tenants who are committing a nuisance
  • Tenants who have not renewed their leases
  • Tenants who have too many roommates
  • Tenants who are profiteering by charging more to their roommates than they are actually paying to landlord.
  • Tenants who are not maintaining the apartment as their primary residence.

Each of these residential lease violations are a cause of action in a summary nonpayment proceeding or a summary holdover proceeding. If a landlord is able to remove a tenant who is violating its lease or paying less than market value rent, then the landlord would be able to increase the rent of the incoming tenant moving the rent closer to market value. By increasing the building rent roll up, the landlord can increase the value of building up.

Mr. Wachtel works toward a final judgment or settlement of the summary holdover proceeding or summary nonpayment proceeding as expeditiously as possible. He understands that significant amounts of money are at stake, and every week or month that goes by, a landlord could lose thousands of dollars in rent. Mr. Wachtel understands the need for the client to know what is going on every step of the way. Because of the personalized attention Mr. Wachtel gives each case, he knows exactly what stage the case is at and can inform the client with a telephone call.

Mr. Wachtel also assists landlords in complete due diligence when it acquires multifamily apartment buildings to find out who is occupying his building, what leases are in effect, what the rents are, whether there are any overcharge actions pending, whether there are any violations against the building.

From his office in midtown Manhattan, the law firm of Gary J. Wachtel, Esq. represents residential landlords and real estate management companies across the entire New York City area, including the boroughs Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island and throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Contact his law offices now, or call him today to arrange for your initial appointment, and let his experience be your advantage – 212-371-6500.

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