Business Transactions Planning & Business Formation

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New York Business Lawyer for Planning, Entity Formation & Transactions

The law office of Gary J. Wachtel, Esq. provides comprehensive business transaction services to businesses and corporations of all sizes and types. From entity formation to corporate dissolution and wind-up, Mr. Wachtel knows the relevant procedures, administrative rules and regulations that govern your business or corporation.

Having served as counsel for small businesses, real estate companies, large businesses, and multi-state corporations, he handles all business transaction matters. The NYC law office of Attorney Gary J. Wachtel also provides services in consumer protection, bankruptcy, real estate litigation, real estate transactions and business litigation.

Entity Formation and Business Start-Up Services

Mr. Wachtel’s acumen in both business law and real estate law enables him to advise clients on the most advantageous entity under which to form a business.

Upon consideration of tax ramifications, the type of enterprise and other factors, he can suggest the proper business formation model, including limited liability company (LLC), S-corp or C-corp, limited liability partnership (LLP), general partnership or other entities.

He handles all matters relating to starting a business, including filing articles of incorporation, drafting company bylaws, creating employment contracts and preparing shareholder agreements.

Business Transactions

As a business law attorney with years of experience, Gary J. Wachtel has overseen hundreds of business transactions for clients all across the New York City area, including Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Long Island.

He represents either party in buy-sell agreements, providing counsel to sellers in the most beneficial procedures for sale of the business, as well as thorough due diligence for buyers in the purchase. He also handles transfers of business assets, including 1031 business exchanges.

Mr. Wachtel is experienced in all aspects of commercial leasing. He assists clients who are leasing space for their business to negotiate favorable terms and remove ambiguous or detrimental language. He also represents landlords by drafting leases that seek to minimize disputes with tenants.

Estate Planning and Exit Strategies

In addition to services for starting and running a business, Gary J. Wachtel, Esq. counsels clients in preparing for the future disposition of the business and/or its assets. He helps clients organize the business under an entity that provides maximum asset protection and minimum tax impact, and establish business succession planning. Family businesses, for example, may be incorporated as limited liability companies to protect personal assets of family members and preserve the assets for surviving spouses or children when the owner dies.

Mr. Wachtel’s business planning service includes exit strategies. He prepares clients for dissolving or selling a business at the most opportune time, as well as dissolution or transfer because of bad health or unforeseen circumstances.

For all these matters, Mr. Wachtel remains constantly attuned to your business objectives and priorities, and has the experience to anticipate any potential hurdles and consequences of your business transactions decision. Contact a dedicated, capable business planning lawyer today to arrange an initial consultation.