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A Tough Negotiatior

Welcome to the law offices of Gary J. Wachtel, Esq., an attorney and litigator providing consummate representation in landlord and tenant disputes, real estate brokerage commission litigation, real estate litigation, real estate and business transactions, breach of contract, business law and commercial litigation, nonpayment of promissory notes, rent overcharge and fair market rent appeals, Yellowstone Injunction actions and applications for certificate of no harassment for over 30 years to tenants, businesses, homeowners, commercial landlords, real estate management companies, and residential landlords in New York City, NY and worldwide. He represents clients across the greater New York City area, including the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island as well as throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Founded in 1988 and since its inception, the law offices of Gary J. Wachtel, Esq., with offices currently located in the Garment District, has been an innovative, dynamic and forward-thinking firm with a focus on creative legal solutions. Mr. Wachtel’s goal was to establish a firm that is local, well respected by his peers and the judiciary for his quality of work, dedication to his craft and respect and courtesy shown to others. Other lawyers and law firms often pay us the ultimate compliment of retaining our services for their clients. Mr. Wachtel also appeared as a legal expert on CBS New York local news regarding a legal controversy where a California couple says their live-in nanny refused to do any agreed upon work and now refuses to leave the couple’s home.

Mr. Wachtel has been in practice for 31 years and has been in court daily for a large majority of that time. Mr. Wachtel is well known by many of the judges, court clerks, judge’s legal assistants, court officers, court stenographers and other court personnel who have observed him and seen him grow with experience, maturity and dedication to his craft over these many years. There is a mutual respect which has been earned which is a significant factor to consider when determining who to hire to represent you. It is an advantage that can and should be used to aggressively and efficiently get you the relief you seek.

Due to his experience, Mr. Wachtel is often able to foresee the likely outcome in particular circumstances. To save clients time and money, he offers candid advice. When he feels that his services are unnecessary or that legal action is not prudent, Mr. Wachtel is open with clients about his concerns. It is not always necessary to litigate a dispute, especially where there are less expensive means of finding a satisfactory solution to your issue.

Unlike senior attorneys of Mr. Wachtel’s experience, who dole out cases to less experienced associates or who have too many cases in court daily to give your case the undivided attention you deserve, Mr. Wachtel handles every case with the attention and focus which it deserves. He drafts all papers and makes all court appearances and prides himself in always being prepared to handle your case. He dots his I’s and crosses his T’s in order to prevail in the case. Mr. Wachtel is on top of your case as if he was representing one of his own family members.

Mr. Wachtel’s track record of successful litigation encompasses all areas of his practice, including matters in:

Personalized, prompt attention is given to every matter. The law firm of Gary J. Wachtel, Esq. looks with pride at a roster of diverse clients, which range from individuals and privately-owned businesses to major real estate companies and multi-state corporations. Other lawyers and law firms often pay the ultimate compliment of retaining Mr. Wachtel’s services for their clients. He does not accept a matter unless he is certain he can service it efficiently and effectively. Every client is important to the firm and is treated accordingly. He does not believe that every matter requires a large firm, cadres of lawyers or bureaucracy. Rather, ability, experience, service and direct accountability are the components of effective legal representation. He looks forward to the opportunity to prove to you that these are not mere words; that both you and Mr. Wachtel will derive mutual satisfaction from the services rendered to you. To learn more about Gary J. Wachtel’s unparalleled success, please see his Success Stories.

Mr. Wachtel is a seasoned litigator whose professional philosophy is founded on providing his clients with the most thorough representation possible, including a painstaking investigation into the factual and legal circumstances of the matter and diligent follow-through to completion on every aspect of your case. Because his office size is smaller, he is able to provide clients with the eminent representation of leading large law firms with the more personalized service typically only found at intimately-sized law offices. Each client is treated as an individual, and every legal strategy is custom-tailored to meet your specific objectives.

If you need the accomplished representation of an experienced litigator for your Real Estate related matter, Landlord and Tenant Dispute, Business or Commercial matter, Consumer Protection or Bankruptcy matter, contact the law offices of Gary J. Wachtel now, or call today and let his experience work to your advantage – 212-371-6500