Rent Stabilization & Rent Control

New York Rent Stabilization and Rent Control Lawyer

New York City has the most highly regulated residential property laws in the United States. Rent Stabilization and Rent Control are highly technical and tricky areas of the law for both landlords and tenants. The evictions proceedings are creatures of statute. The actions are generally hotly contested and at times become personal between the landlord and tenant. Even the slightest legal or statutory deviation from the Rent Stabilization Code, Rent Control Laws or the Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law can control the outcome of the eviction action. These statutes, laws and rules provide the framework for a landlord’s and tenant’s rights and responsibilities in the eviction process. At the law offices of Gary J. Wachtel, Esq., we have extensive knowledge and experience of this specialized area of the law.

The most common conflicts between landlords and tenants are:

  • Nonpayment or late payment of rent;
  • Breach of lease;
  • Nuisance;
  • Illegal subletting;
  • Nonprimary residence;
  • High income deregulation;
  • Unauthorized pets;
  • Unauthorized alteration;
  • Technical compliance by landlord of the rent laws;
  • Removal of the apartments from Rent Stabilization;
  • Removal of the apartments from the rental market (owner’s own use);
  • Vacancy de-control;
  • Illegal rent increases;
  • Breach of warranty of habitability;
  • Relocation benefits.

If your apartment is subject to Rent Stabilization or Rent Control or any other tenant protection laws, contact Mr. Wachtel to discuss how he may assist you in representation for litigation or settlement. If you retain Mr. Wachtel, he will zealously advocate for your rights. Contact the law offices of Gary J. Wachtel now, or call today and let his experience work to your advantage – 212-371-6500.

As a tenant, you have rights. If you retain Mr. Wachtel, he will zealously advocate for your rights as a tenant. All tenants hold these and other essential rights.

  • A right to a proper notice before eviction.
  • A right to peaceful and quiet enjoyment of your residence.
  • The right to live free of sub-standard housing.
  • The right to live free from unlawful landlord harassment.
  • A right to complain about reduction in service.

From his office in midtown Manhattan, the law firm of Attorney Gary J. Wachtel represents landlord and tenant clients in Rent Control and Rent Stabilzation matters across the entire New York City area, including the boroughs Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island and throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Contact his law offices now, or call him today to arrange for your initial appointment, and let his experience be your advantage – 212-371-6500.

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