5 Reasons That Landlords Take Illegal Actions Towards Tenants

If you’ve ever rented a living space before, you know that getting along with the landlord is an important matter. A good landlord can make your life easy and help you enjoy your time renting their space while a bad landlord can turn your life into chaos. It’s important to speak with your landlord and make sure that you both are on the same page prior to signing the dotted line on a property lease. Things can certainly get heated quickly between a landlord and a tenant if there are disagreements, especially if they involve financial consequences. If you are a tenant, it pays to know what your rights are and if your landlord is taking an action that is illegal. If you have doubts about the legality of your landlord’s actions, working with a real estate lawyer in NYC can help you determine whether or not something is not legal. If you want some insight about what to look at for, keep reading on. We will discuss 5 reasons that landlords take illegal actions towards their tenants below.

  1. Tenants Complain Too Often

One of the reasons that your landlord might try to take illegal action against you is if you complain about the state of the space or frequently ask for your landlord to take action on repairs that fall under their responsibility. Some landlords simply want tenants that will be easy so that they can collect their rent with minimal effort. If you know your lease and have asked your landlord to fix something or take action on things that fall within your legal rights, you are doing the right thing.

  1. Tenants Aren’t Paying Rent

Life can bring all sorts of challenges and financial burdens. If you are a tenant that is unable to pay your rent, your landlord can legally evict you from the space. However, this is a long process. Sometimes, a landlord will take illegal action to remove a tenant on their own if they are not paying their rent. If this is happening to you, you should talk to an expert in landlord-tenant law in NYC.

  1. A Problem Tenant

If a tenant consistently causes problems for a landlord like causing noise complaints or participating in illegal activities, a landlord may try to take illegal action. It’s important to speak with a New York real estate attorney to determine what the proper legal process is in these kinds of scenarios.

  1. Landlord Unfamiliar with the Laws

Sometimes, a landlord might be taking illegal action against a tenant simply because they are not fully educated about the laws. Every state has different tenant laws and, sometimes, landlords forget to do their research.

  1. Landlord Wants to Make More Money

At the end of the day, landlords are renting their property because they want to make money. Real estate is a business. A landlord might take illegal action simply because they want to make more money than they currently are earning with their existing tenant.

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