NYC Real Estate Regulations to Know in 2019

Living in New York City certainly comes with its own unique set of challenges. You have to battle the traffic, the bitter cold winters, and strict real estate regulations. For most people, all of that is worth it for the opportunity to live in one of the greatest cities on Earth. It’s always important to stay on top of all of the latest New York City real estate regulations so that you can avoid any potential fines or violations and know your rights as a tenant. New York’s real estate coding is changing all of the time, so if you have any questions, you can always benefit from a conversation with a New York real estate attorney.

Stricter Regulations for Using Apartments for Short-Term Rentals

Have you ever thought about using AirBnb to rent out your apartment to make a little extra cash? It’s an innovative idea that many people across New York are taking advantage of. That being said, the New York Supreme Court is taking action against broker groups that are using AirBnb to rent out their apartments on a short term basis. The regulations for short-term apartment rentals in New York should only get stricter in 2019. Remember that in New York, it is illegal to rent out apartments for under 30 days unless the occupying tenant is present during the guest’s stay. If you have any questions related to short-term apartment rentals, reach out to a real estate lawyer in NYC.

Landlord Responsibilities Enforced

If you are a tenant that is renting in New York, it’s crucial that you read up on your rights so that your landlord won’t have the opportunity to take advantage of you. For example, it’s important to understand what your options are if your landlord decides to increase your monthly rent. Laws surrounding rent control and rent stabilization can help you out in this scenario. In 2019, if you think that your landlord is not adhering to all of their responsibilities, reach out to a New York real estate attorney and talk over the details. It could even help you win money in court.

Utilities Essential for Tenants

If you have lived in New York during the winter time, you know how essential your utilities are. Without a proper heater, your apartment can literally freeze over. Keep that in mind if your landlord ever tries to cut off your utilities or refuses to make repairs. Landlords are required by New York state law to provide a safe and livable environment for their tenants.

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